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Operation and management of the Building Automation System (BAS), Research Triangle Park (RTP)
Client United States Environmental Protection Agency/US EPA
Status Complete
Service Energy, Sustainability & Resiliency
Market Federal Government
Location Durham, North Carolina
Subservice Automation System Management

Building Automation System Management


To provide building automation system management to optimize occupant comfort and energy conservation.

Project Description:

KMEA provided on-site independent management to operate the building automation system (BAS) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. KMEA ensured the automation system maintained the facilities at an optimum level to provide occupant comfort and space requirements with a focus on conserving energy.

KMEA actively monitored the system to ensure temperature, humidity, air pressurization, differential pressure, variable frequency drive (VFD) percentage, flow rate, damper and valve positions, occupancy points, and water levels were at desired levels. Monthly building energy consumption for current and future use were provided to the US EPA.

KMEA provided quarterly recommendations on improving energy performance of all facilities.