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KMEA thinks of infrastructure as the non-energy utilities and systems that support the basic needs of the public water supply, site drainage control, transportation systems, and other essential services. KMEA is ISNetworld- and Gold Shovel-certified and understands the unique safety concerns surrounding work on infrastructure sites.

We also understand the unique capital improvement project planning and citizen involvement efforts required for successful infrastructure projects. Moreover, KMEA has experience providing design charettes and making presentations before city councils and regulatory commissions.

KMEA routinely works with clients on infrastructure matters related to air quality and climate change monitoring, modeling, and verification; evaluating hazardous materials and handling procedures; protecting natural habitats and wildlife species; and stormwater management and other water quality project efforts.

Water Supply
The careful management of water resources is an important responsibility of local, state, and federal agencies. KMEA can walk clients through the full spectrum of environmental regulatory processes from project initiation to construction. We support:

  • Back-up generator air emissions
  • Contingency efforts
  • Sampling for contaminants
  • Well decommissioning
  • Well installation

KMEA is available to assist districts with regulatory planning and permitting efforts. We strategically carry out projects with a focus on timely completion, cost effectiveness, strong project communication, and stakeholder management. Projects for which KMEA has provided environmental consulting support include distribution and contingency planning efforts.

Railways and Transit
KMEA has worked with a variety of local and state transportation entities providing project support for rail and transit projects. We can provide inventory and evaluation of existing assets, and project siting and project pre-design services for new or retrofitted assets. Our staff have training in railway worker safety, and we have experience providing activity hazards analyses (AHAs) for work around transit systems. KMEA has developed a reputation for successfully completing the environmental analyses and permitting processes for our clients.

Airport and Port Facilities
Airports and port facilities have unique work scopes, tenant arrangements and hours of operation that require a specific set of capabilities and resources to successfully complete environmental consulting services. Environmental services provided for these facilities are conducted as part of larger design/build efforts, planning efforts, compliance activities, and construction management support.