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State & Local Government

KMEA’s understanding of the challenges government agencies face extends into the state and local markets. KMEA has worked with local government agencies on public utility, infrastructure, transportation, and public works projects and have held many on-call service contracts for environmental consulting throughout California and Texas.

KMEA offers cities and counties a strong, knowledgeable resource, able to mobilize to many localities to assist agencies with their projects. KMEA has experience with projects stretching across single or multiple counties, often overseen by a regional government agency. Government agency clients rely on KMEA’s knowledge of processes and unique circumstances, deep understanding of local and federal regulations, state- and country-wide resources, and the ability to respond quickly to project needs.

Our services include:

  • Biological resources consulting services
  • Engineering consulting services
  • Engineering design, construction and oversight
  • Environmental consulting services
  • Watershed and drainage management

Our senior staff members have extensive experience working on complex and challenging projects around the country for a variety of federal, state, utilities, and commercial sector clients. Our staff are also familiar with the land use issues, Capital Improvement Programs (CIP), other planning processes, citizen involvement, and fiscal constraints facing local governments.

KMEA has relationships with state agencies such as the California Department of Transportation, California Department of Fish and Wildlife, California Department of Parks and Recreation, California State Lands Commission, California Coastal Commission, and California Native American Heritage Commission.