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 A&E Services to Provide Conceptual Design & Building Improvements to Modify Dormitory to Administrative Office Space Universal City, Texas
Client United States Air Force (USAF)
Status Complete
Service Architecture & Engineering
Market Federal Government
Location Universal City, Texas
Subservice Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design and Building Improvements to Modify Dormitory to Administrative Office Space


To provide Architecture and Engineering (A&E) services.

Project Description:

As a subconsultant, KMEA performed architectural services, which analyzed and designed functional spaces for all the offices, conference rooms, break area, and bathrooms in the new administration building. The renovation design, created by KMEA, included new utility rooms to accommodate new facility requirements of elevators, mechanical equipment, electrical housing, communication center, and custodian spaces. The new roof, building expansion, and exterior façade renovation were designed to preserve the historical aspect of the facility.

KMEA performed the site parking study and provided all the site civil requirement designs to repair/renovate new sidewalks, existing utility coordination, new structural footings, and the new conceptual parking lot design for the storm drainage utility. KMEA coordinated with surveyors regarding the geotechnical report completion. Soil samples and topography were gathered to produce the report and to locate proposed areas to build a new parking lot. KMEA gathered information from the surrounding buildings around the dormitory to determine the existing traffic and parking volume compared with the anticipated demand after the renovation of this facility. This new proposed parking lot will have space for overflow parking from the surrounding buildings as well as vehicle circulation practical to the proposed area.

In addition, KMEA performed asbestos and lead-based paint surveys in the entire existing dormitory space. The survey team sampled 120 dormitory rooms, bathrooms, and several common space areas. The purpose was to assess the condition of asbestos-containing material (ACM), report it as well as lead-based paint materials condition on the area specified (approximately 51,580 square feet), and to make remediation recommendation to the client.

The survey team thoroughly documented all fieldwork activities with field notes and photography, with each sample location assigned a unique sample identification number and its location identified in building drawings, which were included in the final survey report.

KMEA provided all the cost analysis estimates by parametrically measuring all the repair/renovation components, which provided an accurate representation of the design. The estimate gave the client the assurance that the design was within the program amount. Furthermore, KMEA compiled and provided in coordination with all the project team members all the project criteria specifications that adhered to current code and Architectural Barriers Act (ABA) standards formatted in the Unified Facilities Guide Specifications standard.

This project included producing a complete bid package for a design-build solicitation.